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Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakatuh prof Ibrahim +27785149508 / +19794644113 In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficient, The Most Merciful. All praises are for Allah SWT alone and may peace and blessings be upon the final Messenger Prophet Muhammad PBUH. My name is PROF IBRAHIM. I am a Muslim Brother who has a history of helping people with removing Black magic, Taweez, and to remove curses and occult activities with Allah SWT Command My aim is to provide a service which is tailored to every individual and in guidance with the teaching of the Holy Quran and The Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Focusing on removing Black magic, Jinns, Taweez and the Evil Eye. It must be mentioned that I only seek refuge from Allah and his holy book The Quran and all guidance and readings is in accordance with the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). HOW CAN I CONSULT WITH PROF IBRAHIM +27785149508 / +19794644113 I genuinely help people with their problems. During my life, I have met countless amounts of people who have been taken advantage of by fraudsters claiming to solve their issues, who in reality, profit on the mis-fortune of others. I offer a 100% free consultation where I gather some information from you to understand your issues/problems. You can do this by calling me on this number +27785149508 / +19794644113 Insha'Allah Azawajal. I don’t charge for Heesab (A reading to pinpoint problems in ones life). No false promises and no gimmicks. BLACK MAGIC Black Magic is an old human practice. It is sometimes defined as deception by showing something to an audience, which is contrary to reality. In Islam this is part of magic, which is, however, defined as seeking the help of demons to perform something harmful against somebody. Black magic is mainly done by tying knots with victim's name and what they want done to that person such as to control his/her mind, make the person ill etc. Allah SWT has revealed in Surah Falaq; And from the evil of those who blow on knots. First and foremost it ought to be determined whether it is in fact black magic, witchcraft or sihr that the individual is affected by, or nazar, ‘ein’, evil eye or ‘mas-h’ (possession of a jinn). The treatment for nazar, ‘ein’ is a little different, but the treatment for spells, black magic ‘sihr’ and ‘mas-h’ are pretty much the same. In the case of black magic, then there are several ways one could have become the victim of this. Firstly, he/she may have eaten or drank something which was poisoned by black magic. In this case the black magic either has an affect on the stomach or the brain. Secondly, the person to whom the black magic (sihr) was aimed, may have walked over some litter/rubbish that had the spell of black magic cursed over it. And thirdly, the spell of black magic could have been cast over a piece of clothing belonging to the victim or on a strand of the victim’s hair. When black magic is done on something like hair or an object, then this hair or object needs to be found and destroyed. However, when black magic takes place through food or drink, then a jinn enters the person at the same time and stays within the body, until someone gets rid of him. The jinn normally lives in the body for years and years and gets accustomed to it. The longer he is in there, the more difficult it is to get rid of him. Anyway, black magic can have many evil effects on the person. The Quran states that the fundamental reason why Shaitaan taught some people black magic sihr; was in order to cause separation between husband and wife. And it is also used for many many other things. BELOW ARE A LIST OF SYMPTOMS FOR MAGIC/JINN • SYMPTOMS OF MAGIC : Several severe headaches most of the time (medicines don't help ) Pain in body (like pins and needles )specific parts of body Feeling of ugliness and emptiness,shallow feelings Constant arguments in family home without no apparent causes Possessed a good happy character,now possesses a depressive character Hair falling out,parts of hair found cut Breathing difficulties Weakness in body Marriage refusals on a constant basis Extreme violent/ strange behavior from spouse/children Disobedience displayed when religious acts are prayed or recited anger takes over Weight gain /loss Constant obstacles blocking your path SYMPTOMS OF JINN: Seizures without no medical cause Irregular menstrual cycle in women Erratic behavior Frequent miscarriages Back ache not relieved by medicines Persistence of evil thoughts,actions /neglecting ones duty towards their religious obligations Suicidal thoughts Uncontrollable sexual desires Burning /heaviness through out the body at different intervals Hearing/ seeing things and people Nightmares that include snakes,dogs etc Unexplained scratches/ bruises on body Paranoid behavior Tearfulness . I will Insha’Allah recommend best item/treatment for PROBLEMS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS : • BLACK MAGIC, WITH CRAFT • IF YOU EXPERIENCE Djinn/JINN ARE AROUND YOU. • PROBLEMS, MISUNDERSTANDIN

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